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At Foxter, we are thrilled to extend our array of comprehensive housekeeping services as an integral facet of our commitment to delivering exceptional property management solutions. Our dedicated and highly-trained housekeeping team is at the forefront of maintaining your properties to the highest standards of cleanliness and comfort, ensuring that your guests experience nothing short of excellence during their stay.


Our housekeeping services go beyond the ordinary; they represent a commitment to excellence that is woven into every aspect of our property management approach. We understand that cleanliness is not just a basic requirement but a crucial factor that directly impacts guest satisfaction and property reputation.

We take pride in upholding a stringent cleaning schedule that not only meets but exceeds the industry’s most exacting standards. In response to the prevailing global health concerns, we’ve proactively implemented measures to elevate our cleaning protocols, rigorously adhering to the recommended COVID-19 safety guidelines. Our dedicated team places meticulous emphasis on high-touch surfaces, employing proven disinfectants that have demonstrated efficacy against a spectrum of germs and viruses.

We prioritize providing a worry-free environment for your guests. Our well-trained housekeeping team follows the latest cleaning techniques and best practices. We aim to create spaces that inspire confidence and peace of mind in your guests. If you have any special requests or concerns regarding hygiene and cleanliness, we are here to address them. Your feedback is essential in our ongoing commitment to maintaining top-notch hygiene standards.

Rest assured, our housekeeping professionals conduct thorough cleaning and sanitation after each guest’s departure, ensuring a safe and inviting atmosphere for the next guests. We greatly appreciate your trust in our property management and housekeeping services and are dedicated to upholding the highest hygiene standards for your guests’ well-being.